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Fimco 12-Volt Sprayer Winterization

Taking time to properly winterize your Fimco sprayer will keep it running longer and will prevent downtime in the spring. Before you begin, don’t forget to wear any PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) required by the pesticide label, as there may still be pesticide residue inside the sprayer.

NOTE: RV antifreeze and rinsate should be disposed of in accordance with the pesticide label and all federal, state and local regulations.

Winterize Your Sprayer

Step 1: Check your sprayer to ensure that all water has been drained out of it since the last flushing. Pay special attention to the pump head, spray gun and shutoff valves as these components are more susceptible to damage from cold temperatures. Clean the filter washer or element in the intake sub-assembly and open all valves. An air compressor can be used to help blow water from the lines.

Step 2: If your sprayer has a boom, close the shutoff valve that goes to the boom arms. Remove and inspect all of the spray tips and tip strainers. Clean them with warm, soapy water and a spray tip brush or other soft-bristled brush if necessary. Put them back into the nozzle bodies or keep them in a separate container in a location that is not prone to freezing.

Step 3: Pour a solution of RV antifreeze into the tank and use it to circulate throughout the entire plumbing system. Leave this solution in the sprayer until you are ready to spray in the spring. If you have caps for the nozzle bodies on the spray boom, you can choose to flush the RV antifreeze throughout it as well. You may need to leave one of the nozzle bodies uncapped to allow the RV antifreeze to properly circulate.

Step 4: Store the sprayer indoors in a clean, dry place with a tarp covering it. This will help keep dirt, dust and insects out of the sprayer.

Did you find worn parts while winterizing your sprayer? Get replacement parts here!

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