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Changing a Tractor Tire - Mounting

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Step-by-step Instructions
Installation of Tire (inside bead)

1. Installation of Tire (inside bead)

Lube the inside tire bead with a suitable mounting lubricant. If tire is directional, check arrows on sidewall for correct rotation. Make sure valve hole is at bottom of rim. Roll tire so the inside bead of tire sets over rim flange on top of wheel. Use tire iron to slide inside bead over rim flange on both sides doing the bottom last.

Installation of Tube

2. Installation of Tube

Once inside bead is completely on rim, move to outside of rim and pull tire out at the bottom and top to allow more room to install the tube. Make sure the valve hole is at the bottom of the rim. Put tube in tire; slide valve stem through valve hole; screw on rim nut. Carefully slide tube over rim flange until tube is completely over rim. After tube is installed, put small amount of air in tube. Screw a valve fishing tool (Item # 991) to core stem. Remove rim nut so tube can move freely in tire.

Valve Fishing Tool

  • Guides the valve through .453" or .625" rim holes

  • Eliminates problem of tube valve stem slipping through rim hole when mounting tires.

Installation of Tire (outside bead)

3. Installation of Tire (outside bead)

Lube outer bead with a suitable mounting lubricant. Starting at the top of tire, use both tire irons to lift the outer bead of tire up and over top of rim flange. Make sure the bead is not pinching tube and slide bead into rim well.

After the bead is setting in the tire well at top, use tire iron to slide remainder of tire bead over the rim flange. Continue around rim sliding small sections over rim until complete. Trying to slide over too large of a section may cut or damage bead area.

Once the bead is completely over the rim, pull on the valve-fishing tool to bring tube valve stem through valve hole. Install rim nut and remove valve fishing tool.

Seating the Bead

4. Seating the Bead

Lower tractor until the rim is centered in the tire. This is very important to seat beads properly. Make sure tire beads and rim flanges are aligned. Using a remote control inflating gauge (Item # HI405 ) with extended hose and clip on air chuck, slowly inflate tire making sure tire beads and rim flanges are aligning properly. Continue to inflate tire to seat beads. DO NOT inflate beyond 35 p.s.i. or manufacturer's recommendations when seating beads.

After beads are completely seated, remove valve core and deflate tube completely. When all air is out of tube, re-inflate to manufacturer's specifications. Always stand off to the side when inflating; DO NOT stand directly in front of tire bead/sidewall area.

Remote-Control Safety Inflating Gauge with Clip-On Air Chuck

  • 6'L hose lets operator stand safe distance from tire

  • Single-button controls gauge without removing air chuck

  • Built-in air gauge registers 10 to 120 p.s.i.

Same as H1405 except it has a three foot hose.

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