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Fall Protection Systems

Full Body Harness Photo
Setting up Fall Protection Systems
Protect yourself and your workers from fall hazards
by setting up appropriate fall protection systems.
Use the guide below to find the items you’ll need
for construction, agricultural and
manufacturing fall protection.
You'll need the following to set up
a fall protection system...
An Anchorage Point
that must be capable of supporting 5000 lbs. per worker attached. Our six-foot cross-arm strap made of polyester webbing can be wrapped around beams and other structures to form a secure anchorage.
Full Body Harness Photo A Vertical Dropline
that has a minimum tensile strength of 5400 lbs.,
and is secured to an anchorage point that
is independent of the work platform.
A Full-body Harness
so that in event of a free fall, the shock load is equally
distributed to the body, as compared to just around
the waist when only a safety belt is worn.
A Lanyard
that absorbs shock and holds the free fall to six feet or less.
A Rope Grab
that lets a worker move up and down the drop line for freedom of movement, yet locks instantly when activated by a fall.
OSHA does not allow body belts as fall arrest in construction!
If you are participating in construction as part of your business, you should know that body belts cannot be used for fall arrest, only positioning. If you work in agriculture or manufacturing, use of body belts is not recommended – you could be cited by OSHA under the general duty clause, or a worker could be seriously injured. Body belts can be used to keep a person from reaching the edge when working on heights. They cannot be used to catch someone who is falling. A full-body harness must be used instead. Full-body harnesses distribute the weight during impact. With body belts, all of the energy from falling is absorbed around the person's midsection, which can result in injuries.
Body Belts Anchors
• For positioning work only

View all Body Belts for Fall Protection
• Handy carabiners and
  anchorage connectors

View all Anchors
for Fall Protection
Lifelines and Droplines Lanyards
• Full-body harnesses by
  Titan, Rose and Miller

View all Harnesses for Fall Protection
• Resists abrasion, rot and
  most chemicals

View all Lifelines and Droplines for Fall Protection
• Fall limiters or shock-
  absorbing lanyards

View all Lanyards
for Fall Protection