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Protection from Poisonous Plants, Ticks and Mosquitoes

When you work outdoors, keeping mosquitos and ticks in check is an important way to avoid the serious illnesses insects can spread. Avoiding poison ivy, poison oak and other poisonous plants is difficult and sometimes, downright impossible while you work too. Fortunately, there are a number of preventative products that will limit or prevent the uncomfortable consequences of reactive plants and biting insects. Choose the protection professionals use to make hard work easier (and less itchy)!


Apply a pre-contact solution before any exposure to poison oak, ivy or sumac for an invisible barrier of protection. IvyX Poison Ivy Prevention does not allow plant oils to be absorbed by skin, yet allows your skin to breathe.
Destroy mosquito larvae with Mosquito Dunks. Once wet, these discs kill the immature, aquatic stage of the mosquito before they bite.
Choose formulas made to evaporate slowly and repel mosquitoes and other stinging or biting insects for hours. Aerosol sprays can be applied to clothing and skin.


Wear a mosquito bug net over pith helmets, hard hats, caps and other headgear for full-head protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Nylon Mesh Mosquito Netting
Fits over our pith-style helmets

Coghlan's Mosquito Head Net
Full-head protection against mosquitoes and other insects


Fight the rash, pain and itching of poison ivy, oak and sumac. Choose a liquid cleanser to remove the resinous, rash causing oil of poison ivy, oak and sumac from the skin. If applied within a few hours of exposure, Tecnu Cleanser relieves itching and speeds healing most effectively.
Care needs to be used when removing ticks. Some helpful tips include:
  • Do not burn or use any substance on the tick
  • Do not grasp, squeeze or twist the body of the tick
  • Grasp the tick close to the skin with tweezers
  • Pull the tick straight out
  • Use an antiseptic on the skin
  • Disinfect the tweezers
  • Wash hands thoroughly
  • Always see a physician for possible diagnosis, testing and treatment
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