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Farm Implement Conspicuity Marking

markings at 8 p.m.Each year, nearly 8,000 highway accidents involve farm equipment, according to the National Safety Council. Many accidents are attributed to the increased farm sizes, requiring farmers to travel longer distances to the fields; larger implements designed for larger fields; and, an increasing population that is unfamiliar with the size and speed of farm equipment.

A.S.A.E. Passes Standards
The American Society of Agricultural Engineering (ASAE) has passed two new standards to help reduce farm equipment highway accidents.  Standard S276.5 is an upgrade of the SMV emblems, requiring that prismatic retroreflecive material be used instead of engineer's grade tape.  Standard S276.10 details how the new retroreflective tapes should be mounted to farm implements for added visibility.  All items necessary to outfit one piece of farm equipment is conveniently packaged in the reflector kit.

Installation Instructions for Reflector Kit
Rear:  Red retroreflective and fluorescent orange tape strips should be mounted horizontally, in a side-by-side configuration.  One 2"x9" strip of red retroreflective material should be placed on both the far left and right of the equipment.  The red strips can't be more than 16" from the equipment extremities.

A 2"x9" fluorescent orange strip should be placed in a line next to each red retroreflective strip.  There should be no more than six feet between the fluorescent strips.  Additional red retroreflective/orange fluorescent combinations may be added near the center of the equipment. See Diagrams A and B for placement.  Note:  If the horizontal distance between red or orange strip combinations exceeds six feet, we recommend another combination of red and orange.  You may count the SMV symbol itself as a strip combination.

markings on plow & wagonFront and Sides: Yellow retroreflective strips (2"x9") should be mounted on the front and sides of the farm equipment.  Like the rear retroreflective strips, the yellow strips should be placed no more than 16 inches from the extremities of the equipment.  There should be no more than six feet between strips.  However, additional yellow retroreflective strips may be placed near the center of the equipment.  See Diagrams A and B for placement.

Note:  Check your local laws regarding proper use of flashing or rotating warning lights while on public roads.  This kit is not a replacement for required lighting.  Laws can change and may vary from state to state.

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Farm Implement Conspicuity Marking


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