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Shop for Work Gloves by Application

There are hundreds of different materials that are used to construct many different styles and types of gloves. To ensure maximum performance and durability, we recommend the following glove styles for the tasks listed. Click here to determine your glove size.

Automotive (Oil/Grease) Gloves Dirt/Sand Handling Gloves Gardening Gloves Painting Gloves
Automotive (Oil/Grease)   Dirt/Sand Handling   Gardening   Painting

Cardboard/Box Handling Gloves   Driving (Equipment Operation/Power Tools) Gloves   Glass Handling Gloves   Pruning Gloves
Cardboard/Box Handling   Driving (Equipment Operation/Power Tools)   Glass Handling   Pruning

Carpentry Gloves   Farming Gloves   Landscaping Gloves   Ranching Gloves
Carpentry   Farming   Landscaping   Ranching

Chemical Handling Gloves   Fencing (Installation/Repair) Gloves   Lawn Care Gloves   Roofing Gloves
Chemical Handling   Fencing (Installation/Repair)   Lawn Care   Roofing

Cleaning (Household) Gloves   Firewood/Logging Gloves   Lumber Handling Gloves   Stone/Rock Handling Gloves
Cleaning (Household)   Firewood/Logging   Lumber Handling   Stone/Rock Handling

Concrete Handling Gloves   Fishing Gloves   Masonry/Bricklaying Gloves   Warehouse Work Gloves
Concrete Handling   Fishing   Masonry/Bricklaying   Warehouse Work

Cold Weather Protection Gloves   Fruit Picking Gloves   Welding Gloves   Hi-Visibility Gloves
Cold Weather Protection   Fruit Picking   Welding   Hi-Visibility

Construction Gloves   Parts Handling Gloves   Wet Applications Gloves   Ironclad Gloves
Construction (General, Hand Tools)   Parts Handling   Wet Applications   Brands

Glove Sizing Chart
To obtain your glove size, use a tape measure to find the circumference of your hand around the palm. This measurement, in inches, is your glove size. If the measure is 10", specify 10 or L (Large).

Glove X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large XXL Jumbo Hippo
Hand 6-7 7-8 8-9 9-10 10-11 11-12 12-13 14-15