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Mole Trap

Customers have relied on The Original Mole Eliminator Trap from GEMPLER'S for years to remove pesky moles from lawns, gardens and golf courses all over the U.S. View the slideshow below to watch the trap in action and to see how easy and effective one of our Mole Eliminator fans found it to be. Note: this slide show contains a picture of a dead mole that is still in the trap.


Lawn appears to be lifting in several areas that look like dome shaped paths.

Step 1: Identify the intruder.

The tunnels are 6" wide x 4" high and are dome-shaped with a tunnel below. These are mole tunnels.

A hungry mole can create many feet of tunnels.

About 200 feet of tunnels were made while this mole was looking for food.

Step 2: Try to locate the main or active tunnel.

The active tunnel, (approx. 50 feet long) in white, is the longest running tunnel from one point to another. The side tunnels, in red, are short tunnels leaving the active tunnel and usually lead nowhere. The short tunnels were 2 ft. up to 15 ft. in length. The trap, marked with the arrow, is placed in main tunnel where new side tunnels were recently made.

Step 3: Set trap in tunnel.

Step on trap to set.

The mole will try to tunnel under the trap.

When trap is set, plunger is flat on the ground and a portion of the tunnel below is filled in with dirt. When a mole moves through the tunnel, it will push dirt upward against the plunger, which trips the trap."

Step 4: Remove the trap and remove mole.