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10 Reasons to Outfit Your Crew with the Right Workwear

There's a lot to be said for how your golf course maintenance crew appears to club members and guests as it goes about maintaining fairways and manicuring greens.

But you need your crew's workwear to look great and be also functional. Looking for summer rainwear? Or maybe cozy sweatshirts for when the mercury takes a nosedive in mid fall? Perhaps a special wicking micromesh work shirt for swampy climates is what you need?

Wearing the appropriate workwear that looks great and is practical for the turf tasks at hand benefits both the employee and golf course.

Here are the top ten reasons you should provide your employees with the right workwear:
  1. It's an employee benefit. It's hard to attract and retain the best employees, and every benefit you offer helps. Providing employees with appropriate work clothing saves wear and tear on their personal clothing, and it ensures they always have clean clothes to wear to the golf course. Some eye-catching workwear may even grab a prospective employee's attention and put your course to the top of his/her list!
  2. Workwear as PPE. Your crew must work outside and in harsh conditions—blazing sun, blustery wind and frigid cold. Providing appropriate workwear keeps them comfortable and protects them from hazards, like: the sun's UV rays, heat exhaustion, cold rain and snow, chemicals, mosquitos, wasps, flies, ticks and other pests.
  3. Eliminates inappropriate dress issues. Uniform workwear helps employees adhere to dress codes by taking the guesswork out of what is and isn't appropriate clothing. This also helps prevent conflicts regarding attire. Check out GEMPLER'S wide selection of workwear that can be customized with your course name or logo at
  4. Branding and team identification. Wearing a recognizable uniform or logo identifies your crew as a member of the golf course maintenance team and builds the maintenance team "brand." It also makes workers easily recognizable as course employees for guests and members. Customizing your clothing is an easy way to advertise your business and unify your crew. GEMPLER'S offers many items that can be heat pressed or embroidered. Learn more about customization options >
  5. Unified image sets a high standard. When your crew looks sharp, it creates a positive image and subliminally sets a high standard for its work. Members and guests expect good work from a maintenance team that looks professional, just as much as they expect a fast and firm surface on the greens.
  6. Team spirit. Studies show that a unified appearance promotes team spirit and a sense of belonging. This, in turn, improves worker productivity.
  7. Improved customer service. When your crew is outfitted with a team uniform, they are easily identified as a club employee. If a golfer needs assistance, they immediately know who they can approach for help.
  8. High visibility for safety. One of the dangers of working on the golf course is getting hit by a golf ball. Many bright colors are visible from longer distances. This helps golfers spot workers down that long par-5 when your crew may be in range of an errant shot. Shop Hi-vis Workwear >
  9. Free advertising. Shirts, coveralls and rainwear with you club's name or logo become walking billboards when worn in public.
  10. You're leading a team of professionals. The golf course maintenance crew reflects its leader. Imagine a golfer's image of the golf course superintendent if the crew is wearing ragged and dirty work clothes. Golfers have a higher opinion of the whole maintenance team when everyone takes pride in their appearance. When your crew looks good, you look good!