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Types of Leather
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Types of Leather
Cowhide is the most commonly used leather in work gloves.
Cowhide leather is divided into three layers prior to manufacturing. The smooth outer layer (or grain side) is used on "premium" grade styles of leather gloves. It is the strongest, smoothest part of the hide. The bottom layer (or suede side) is used mostly on leather palm styles, which typically have linings to protect the hands against its roughness. The middle layer is usually discarded because it has no tensile strength. View all Cowhide Work Gloves
Deerskin leather is naturally soft and supple, with excellent dexterity. Deerskin also dries soft and flexible after
being wet.

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Work Gloves
Goatskin has the highest natural lanolin content, which makes these
work gloves
soft and pliable,
yet very durable.
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Work Gloves
Pigskin leather is
tanned for toughness
and pliability. Soft
drying and flexible,
pigskin withstands
moisture without
stiffening. Pigskin also
has excellent abrasion
resistance and durability.
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Compare Leather Glove Performance
Cowhide Deerskin Goatskin Pigskin
Dexterity Good Very Good Very Good Very Good  
Durability Good Fair Fair Excellent  
Flexibility Good Excellent Excellent Excellent  
Abrasion Resistance Good Fair Good Excellent  
Dries Soft & Flexible No Yes Yes Yes  
Cold Blocking Very Good Good Good Good  
Breathability Fair Fair Good Good  
Puncture Resistance Good Fair Good Good  
Cuff Styles
Knit Wrist Safety Cuff Gauntlet Cuff
Knit Wrist
Provides comfort
and a snug fit
Safety Cuff
Protects your wrist and ensures quick glove removal
Gauntlet Cuff
Provides additional wrist
and forearm protection
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Thumb Construction
Straight Thumb Wing Thumb Keystone Thumb
Straight Thumb
Continuous full
leather thumb; seam
around thumb
Wing Thumb
Thumb out to the side;
welts added to the
seams for strength
Keystone Thumb
Thumb set-in as a separated piece, positioned for maximum comfort, reinforced with extra stitching
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Thumb Gloves
View all Keystone Thumb Gloves
Easily find your glove size
To obtain your glove size, use a tape measure to find the circumference of
your hand around the palm. This
measure, in inches, is your glove size.
If the measurement is 10" then
specify size 10 or L (Large).
Glove XSmall Small Medium Large XL 2XL Jumbo
Hand 6-7 7-8 8-9 9-10 10-11 11-12 12-13