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Cotton Duck
Carhartt’s duck line is made of heavyweight, 12-oz. 100% cotton duck.  This fabric is tightly woven with no gaps where the yarns interlace, making it wind and snag resistant.  Cotton duck is known for its quality, durability, and comfort.  This line of outerwear features two different finished looks in a variety of colors.
Firm Duck Sandstone Duck
Firm Duck
This garment is unwashed
Sandstone Duck
This fabric is micro-sanded to achieve a brushed look and then garment-washed with detergent and softeners to achieve a "broken-in" feel.
Extremes garments have shells of 1000 Denier Cordura® Plus Nylon by DuPont. This makes them water repellent, wind resistant and extremely durable. Carhartt Extremes with Arctic Lining is the ultimate choice for the harshest of conditions.
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Soft Shell is a durable nylon shell with a water-repellent finish lined with polyester fleece, making it windproof and breathable.
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Thermal Lining Fleece Lining Blanket Lining Quilted Lining
Warm Warm Warmer Warmer
Thermal lining is a warm, yet lightweight 100% polyester thermal weave with about the same thickness as a flannel shirt. Garments with a thermal lining are excellent for three-season wear and layering with other garments.
Fleece lining is a lightweight insulation that is an excellent choice for active work. Made of 100% polyester.
Blanket lining is a medium-weight insulation made from blended acrylic and polyester in stripes or plaid. It is excellent for active work and has the texture and insulating quality of a blanket.
Nylon quilt lining is the familiar red or black nylon taffeta quilted to a lightweight polyester fill. It is a popular grade of insulation excellent for a wide range of temperatures.
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Sherpa Lining Flannel Lining Arctic-grade Lining
Warmer Warmest Warmest
Sherpa lining is a thick and soft pile lining that is very warm, yet lightweight. Made of 100% polyester high-loft fleece.
Quilted flannel lining has the feel of a soft flannel shirt, but is much warmer. Brushed polyester tricot is quilted to medium-weight polyester batting for extra warmth.
Arctic quilt lining is nylon taffeta quilted to heavyweight, high-loft polyester batting. This is Carhartt’s warmest, thickest lining and is a popular grade of insulation in northern climates.
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Carhartt Rainwear
The same quality and durability that you have come to expect from Carhartt is now available in waterproof rainwear with a variety of shells and linings.