Ultraseal Tire Sealant

Which grade of Ultraseal ™ is the right choice for your needs?
Follow the comparison below to choose between commercial grade and bulletproof grade Ultraseal. If you need additional assistance, please contact our Technical
Services Dept. at 1-800-874-4755 or send an e-mail by clicking here.
Commercial Grade Bulletproof Grade
Commercial Grade Ultraseal Bulletproof Grade Ultraseal
          Why use Ultraseal?
• Reduces maintenance/downtime
• Protects inner surface of tire
• Permanently seals punctures
• Protects against rust and corrosion
• Eliminates porosity leaks
• Water-soluble for easy cleanup
• Lasts the life of the tire
Specially formulated for:
• Cars, ATVs, Trucks
• High-speed or Off-road Machinery
• Farming Equipment
• Mowers and Trailers

• Seals most tire punctures caused by
  objects up to 1⁄4" in diameter
• For use in agricultural, commercial or
  industrial vehicles and machinery
  of any size
• Not for ultra high performance tires & vehicles
• Use in highway-speed or off-road
  equipment – high-speed tires must be
  balanced before installing Ultraseal™
• 1-gal. container includes an
  easy-to-use pump
• USA made
Specially formulated for:
• Loaders, Tractors, Backhoes, Trailers
• Slow-moving, Off-road Machinery
• Farming Equipment
• Military Vehicles
• Construction Equipment
• Roadside Mowers

• Seals most tire punctures caused by
  objects up to 1⁄2" in diameter
• Originally developed for military combat
  vehicles to seal bullet wounds
• For vehicles or machinery requiring
  protection for off-road applications and
  a maximum speed of 25 mph
• 1-gal. container includes an
  easy-to-use pump
• USA made
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Before Using UltraSeal Photo After Using Ultraseal Photo Nails, Screws, Staples
Permanently seals most types of puncture wounds and punctures are NOT your only problem.
Also protects against porosity leaks and casing deterioration.
Ultraseal passed this test using 16-penny nails with flying colors! Tire maintains the same
air pressure, even after
nails have punctured tire.
Additional Ultraseal Sizes and Accessories
5-gal pail of Commercial Grade Ultraseal
5-gal pail of Bulletproof Grade Ultraseal
Heavy-duty Installation Pump
Valve Core Removal Tool
Dual Wheel/Large Bore Installation Kit
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