The Right Fit for Happy Feet

A new pair of boots should fit comfortably right from the start
For those individuals who work on their feet all
day, a poor fitting work boot can make an
ordinary work day last for what seems to be an
eternity. When shopping for a boot, many people
base their boot selection on appearance, but don't
take into consideration whether the boot actually
provides them with a good fit.
What most people fail to realize is that an improper
fitting work boot can lead to conditions such as:
• Fatigue                • Corns
• Calluses              • Ingrown toenails
These conditions can make your feet
unbearable to work with.
A new work boot should fit comfortably right from the start
and not require a so-called "break-in" period. Simply put,
if the work boot does not fit comfortably brand new, you
can anticipate that the boot is not a good fit. No two feet
are exactly alike, and a style that feels comfortable to
one person may be uncomfortable to another.
Improper fitting work boots can lead to corns and ingrown toenails
If you're wondering whether the boots you have purchased provide you with the proper fit, ask yourself the following questions:

• Can you wiggle your toes? A little bit of room is good.

• Do your toes press against the front of the boot when
  you're on a downward incline? They shouldn't.

• Does your heel stay in place when you walk around?
  It should.

• How about the width? Slightly snug, but not tight is best.

• Do you feel any "hot spots" when you walk around?
  If so, they will more than likely get worse and
  cause blisters.

• When the boot is comfortably laced, do the two rows
  of eyelets stay parallel to each other from your toes to
  your ankle? If not, it can mean you need a different width.

• If you will be using the boots on rocky or uneven
  terrain, walk around and see if you can feel bumps
  and edges through the outsole. If you can, you will
  really feel them after a few miles on the trail.

Reviewing these questions will help you in deciding whether you have chosen the boot and fit that's right for you.
Questions courtesy of Danner ® boots

A poorly fitting boot can scrunch your toes and eventually lead to foot problems
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