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Shade Cloth
Why is knit shade cloth better than woven?

Knit shade cloth has greater strength, ventilation and water permeability when compared with woven shade barriers. It is also 20-35% lighter than woven shade material on a support structure. The lock-stitch weave can be cut without unraveling and does not require taping.
What shade factor percentage do I need?

50% shade cloth will block out 50% of sunlight and 80% will block out 80% of the sunlight. The shade percentage depends on the use. If used to shade plants, the light requirements of the plants must be taken into account.
What colors and shade factors are available?
* Note: Available by special order only
Please call Product Support at 1-800-874-4755.
Black Shade Cloth
30% Black Shade Cloth, Special Order 40% Black Shade Cloth, Special Order 50% Black Shade Cloth 60% Black Shade Cloth 70% Black Shade Cloth 80% Black Shade Cloth 90% Black Shade Cloth, Special Order
*30% *40% 50% 60% 70% 80% *90%
Aluminet Shade Cloth
30% Aluminet Shade Cloth, Special Order 40% Aluminet Shade Cloth 50% Aluminet Shade Cloth 60% Aluminet Shade Cloth 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth, Special Order
*30% 40% 50% 60% *70%
White Shade Cloth
22% White Shade Cloth, Special Order 40% White Shade Cloth 50% White Shade Cloth
*22% 40% 50%
Color Shade Cloth
60% Green Shade Cloth 75% Saddle Tan Shade Cloth 60% Miller Blue Shade Cloth, Special Order 70% Smoke Blue Shade Cloth, Special Order 80% Red Shade Cloth, Special Order 45% Violet Shade Cloth, Special Order
How do I fasten the shade cloth?

Grommets can be installed around the perimeter of the shade cloth. The cloth can then be fastened to posts or structures with metal fasteners, rope, cable or cord through the grommets.
What measurements do I need to order shade cloth?

Measure the length and width of the area to be covered.
Can I order custom shade cloth sizes?

Yes, shade cloth can be ordered in custom sizes. If needed, smaller pieces can be joined together to make larger pieces by a process called seaming. To special order custom size shade cloth, call our Product Support Department at 1-800-874-4755.
What are grommets?

Grommets are a protective eyelet that reinforces the border of the shade cloth and can be used to secure your shade cloth.
How far apart should the grommets be?

The most common spacing is every 2 feet. Any combination can be used.
Do you stock pieces of shade cloth have grommets already installed?

No, the shade cloth we stock does not come with grommets already installed. Hinged grommet fasteners or Shark Bite® grommets can be purchased separately and installed by yourself as needed. Custom pieces of shade cloth can also be special ordered with brass grommets installed by the manufacturer.
What is taping?

Taping refers to finishing the edge of the shade cloth. A reinforced material is sewn around the border of the shade cloth. This adds support when installing grommets.
Do your stock pieces of shade cloth have taped or reinforced edges?

No, the pieces of shade cloth we stock do not have taped or reinforced edges. Shade cloth must be special ordered in order to have the edges taped.
Is the tape or seam used on my custom shade cloth the same color as my shade cloth?

Not necessarily, black is the only color available for taping and seaming.