Rain Bird Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are more efficient than any other watering system because they allow water to get directly into the plant root zone without water waste. Rain Bird drip irrigation systems are easy-to-install as they require
no digging or plumbing.
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Use the following information to help
you design and install your Rain Bird drip irrigation system.
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What are the advantages of Drip Irrigation?

• Saves water by eliminating the overspray and evaporation that results
  from traditional underground irrigation
• Faster plant growth when water gets right to the root zone
• Fewer weeds because each plant is watered instead of an entire area
• Easy to design and install a system that conforms to your
  garden or landscaped area
What components do I need to build my system?

You’ll need a connection to your water supply as well as ½” blank tubing to start with.  Once you have these items, choose from the remaining components below to build your system.  You can also choose a drip irrigation kit if you don’t want to build your system piece by piece.

  • If you're using a spigot or garden hose with a 3/4" male garden hose thread for a connection to your water supply, use the Rain Bird faucet connection kit.  If you already have an underground irrigation system, you can connect it to a Rain Bird 1800 spray head or any ½” riser by using the Rain Bird riser connection kit
  • ¼” or ½” emitter tubing. ¼” emitter tubing is available in 50-ft. rolls and has emitters spaced every 12”. ½” emitter tubing is available in 100-ft. rolls and has emitters spaced every 18”.
  • ¼” blank tubing is used to connect spot emitters, micro spray heads, or micro bubblers to the main line tubing.
  • Spot emitters allow you to branch off the main line tubing to reach plants or trees.  Connect them directly to the main line and use ¼’ blank tubing with a ¼” tubing stake.  If you need to use more than 5 ft. of tubing, use a ¼” barbed coupling to tap into the main line.  Then attach the ¼” blank tubing, spot emitter, and ¼” tubing stake in that order.
  • Micro spray heads provide a uniform spray pattern up to 13ft at 30psi.  They are available in full-circle or half-circle patterns and are used with a riser stake.
  • Micro bubblers include a stake and are used to gently irrigate shrubs, containers, and other plants.  They are available in full-circle or half-circle patterns.
  • A ½” end closure is required for the main line tubing as well as any ½” emitter tubing.  A ¼” end plug is required for any ¼” emitter tubing.  These can also be used to plug any holes in the main line.
  • Use the emitter tool to add or remove ¼” fittings and emitters.
Can I use a water timer with Rain Bird Drip Irrigation?

Yes!  Just be sure to place the water timer between the backflow preventer and pressure regulator included with the faucet connection kit.

What is the minimum and maximum pressure required
    for Rain Bird Drip Irrigation?

15 psi is the minimum pressure required, while the maximum is 30 psi. A pressure regulator is included with the faucet connection kit and riser connection kit to maintain maximum pressure.
How long can I make my system?

½" tubing runs should not be longer than 250 ft. You should also be sure that the total system flow rate is not greater than 240 gallons per hour. You can calculate the total system flow rate by adding the flow rates of all emitters in your system.