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Harper Brooms

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For years, route salesmen brought industrial-grade Harper Brooms
to your shop or business
Now, GEMPLER'S ® brings
these hard-to-find brushes,
scrapers, squeegees and
more to your dock or
doorstep with the
convenience of catalog
or online ordering.
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Anatomy of the Harper Push Broom

Harper push brooms are made of the finest materials available and have superior features outlined below.  They are USA made, industrial-grade push brooms designed for years of service. They're built in Fairfield, IA by Harper Brush Works. Harper Broom Anatomy

How to Select a Harper Broom

Harper Brooms for Fine Sweeping
Harper Brooms for Fine to Medium Sweeping

For Fine Sweeping
• Ideal for dust and fine dirt on smooth
• Works great on polished cement, wood,
  tile and linoleum floors in basements
  and shops.
    18" Harper Broom
    24" Harper Broom
    30" Harper Broom
    36" Harper Broom
    42" Harper Broom

For Fine to Medium Sweeping
• Ideal for grain elevators, greenhouses
  and warehouses.
    18" Harper Broom
    24" Harper Broom
    30" Harper Broom
    36" Harper Broom
Harper Brooms for Fine to Medium Sweeping
Harper Brooms for Medium to Coarse Sweeping

For Fine to Medium Sweeping
• Ideal for garages, body shops and
  implement shops.
• Fine bristles on the outside and stiff bristles
  in the center.
    18" Harper Broom
    24" Harper Broom
    30" Harper Broom
    36" Harper Broom

For Medium to Coarse Sweeping
• Pushes fines out of crevices as well as
  handling larger particles such as heavy
  shell corn.
• Can be used on wet or dry surfaces.
    18" Harper Broom
    24" Harper Broom
    30" Harper Broom
    36" Harper Broom
    42" Harper Broom

Harper Brooms for Heavy Duty Sweeping
Harper Brooms for Heavy Duty Sweeping on Wet, Coarse Surfaces

For Heavy-duty Sweeping
• Ideal for street departments, landscapers
  and greenhouses.
• Superior long-wearing bristles are resistant
  to mildew and chemicals.
    18" Harper Broom
    24" Harper Broom

For Heavy-duty Sweeping on
Wet, Coarse Surfaces

Works well for wet leaves, street litter, grain bins and rough surfaces.
    16" Harper Broom
    18" Harper Broom
Harper Brooms for the Toughest Sweeping  

For the Toughest Sweeping
• Often used by highway departments,
  machine shops and foundries.
• Withstands heat and is resistant to
    24" Harper Broom

Assembly of a Harper Broom

Harper Brooms are designed to be very durable and powerful and can be used for a wide range of jobs. Whether you're cleaning up sawdust or moving wet debris, the unique design of these brooms will give you the versatility and strength you need. These brooms are unique in the fact that they are constructed with a steel handle brace and a metal bolt-on handle tip that reduces breakage and increases leverage.

Tools Needed
Harper Bolt Assembly

The tools and parts needed to assemble the Harper broom are:
Broom Handle
Broom Head
Crescent Wrench
Box-end Wrenches
Socket Wrench
Attachment Bolts & Screws
Support Braces

1. Using the 1 ½ inch bolt, begin your
    assembly by attaching the broom handle
    to the broom head using one of the two
    holes on the top of the broom head. Finger
    tighten. (The other hole is so you can
    reverse the broom head at a later date
    and get more wear out of the broom.)
Harper Broom attaching Two Braces
Harper Assembly Fully Tighten Bolts

2. Attach the two steel braces to the broom
    head using the 7/16th inch wood screws.
    Tighten half way using the 7/16th inch
    wrench or socket (do not fully tighten
    at this point).

3. Align the two curved ends of the braces
    around the broom handle and install the
    bolts and self-locking nuts (again, tighten
    as much as possible with fingers).

Fully tighten the ½ inch bolt into the broom head using the ½ inch wrench or socket.

Tighten the steel brace wood screws on the broom head until almost completely tight.

Fully tighten the bolts and self-locking nuts around the broom handle, alternating from one side to the other (you may have to wiggle the braces slightly to keep the holes aligned).

Harper Assembly Completely Tighten Brace  

4. Completely tighten the steel brace
    with wood screws.
Your Harper broom is now ready to use!


History of Harper Brooms
Harper Brush Co. has been making the best industrial-grade brooms on the market at their Fairfield, IA facility since 1900! In the last 96 years they have developed a reputation for producing the most durable, high-quality brooms around. They have a unique product which is hard to find today.

Harper History 1

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