Rodent Management

Rodents can cause extensive damage to your property as well
as contaminate food and feed. They also pose health concerns by
transmitting a wide variety of diseases, including the Hantavirus.
GEMPLER’S ® carries a variety of rodent control solutions
for almost any situation.
• Repellents for non-lethal rodent control
• Electronic controls that are quick and humane
• Baits, bait stations and traps that are efficient and easy to use
Featured Rodent Control Solutions
Electronic Control
Baits and Bait Stations
Traps and Glue Boards
Rodent Control Repellents Rodent Baits & Bait Stations
Rat-a-way Rodent Repellent Rat-A-Way is the world's only university-tested, patented and EPA-registered granular mice
and rat repellent

• Not a bait, killer or glue board
• Physical removal of rodents and
  decay problems are eliminated
• Keeps rodents away for 2-3
  months & isn’t destroyed by rain
• Safe around children and pets
Jaguar Bait Chunx Use Jaguar ® Bait Chunx ®
for your most challenging rodent infestations

• Provides effective rodent
  control in 4 to 6 days
• Strongest anticoagulant
• Can kill in a single feeding
• USA made
Electronic Rodent Control Traps & Glue Boards
Rat Zapper Electronic Rodent Control Rat Zapper™ Rodent Eliminator
Quickly and cleanly terminates mice and rats

• More humane than traps and
  glue boards
• Safer for domestic pets and
  wildlife than poison
• Utilizes an electronic shock
• LED light flashes to indicate
  the unit has been activated
Traps and Glue Boards Victor Tin Cat ® Repeating Mouse Trap
Low-profile for superior trap placement
• No poisons or winding
• Traps up to 30 mice
  before resetting
• Heavy-gauge galvanized
  steel with a hinged lid
• USA made