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Deer Control Solutions

How do you minimize the chances of deer feeding on,
trampling or otherwise damaging your plants?
For best results your remedy strategy must be appropriate for deer control in your area.
Deer photo
• Scent- or taste-based deer repellents can be a good choice if
  deer control problems are low to moderate
• If deer control is moderate to high, fencing will likely be
  your most cost-effective permanent solution
      Featured Deer Control Solutions      • Repellents      • Fencing      • Gas Cannons
           Deer Control Repellents
                        Deer Control Fencing
Deer Stopper USDA certified
organic. USA made.
• Unique ingredients confuse
  and repel deer
• Dries clear and will not burn
  plants or turf.
• Applications last for 30 days
  and will not wash off in the rain.
• USA Made
Deer Fencing

• UV-stabilized, durable
  polypropylene material
  resists fading and
• Easily attaches to
  trees or posts
• Lightweight 7'x100' roll
• USA made
     Deer Control Gas Cannon LP Gas Cannon
LP gas cannons repel wildlife with a loud “thunderclap”
• Rugged systems deliver a harmless “thunderclap” equivalent to a
  37mm cannon (130 decibels)
• Operates from your 5-gal. liquid propane (LP) cylinder (not included)
• Requires no electricity or battery
M4 Single-detonation Cannon          Item No. RABM4
M8 Multiple-detonation Cannon        Item No. RABM8