Pheremone Lures and Traps


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You'll find an alphabetical listing of common insect pests and the trap and/or lure.
Insect Trapping Basics

Wing Trap KitsInsect traps consist of a visual and/or scent attractant, plus a device to capture the insect once it arrives. A visual attractant trap often resembles a food source, an egg laying or resting site used by the insect pest in nature. An example of this is a trap that looks like a large, ripe red apple that fools apple maggot flies into thinking they have found a prime egg laying site. Instead, they are stuck fast to the nondrying sticky adhesive on the surface of the trap. 

A scent lure may smell like food to an insect pest or, more frequently, like a female insect "in heat." Many female insects release an odor to signal their readiness for mating. These odors, or pheromones, can be reproduced in a laboratory. This material is then applied to a rubber cap or other device and the scent is released slowly over several weeks attracting the insects to the collection device.

Trap Kit Components and Placement
Wing Trap Kits Wing Trap Kits
Wing Trap Kits include a 1CP or 1C plastic trap top, wire hanger, four pre-stickied trapliners with counting grid, and three pheromone lures (1C Trap also available upon request). Replace liners as needed and lures every 3-4 weeks. Use two kits per block up to 10 acres in size, add an extra kit for every additional 10 acres. If you are not sure which pests are a problem in your area, check with your Extension or private specialist.
Pherocon II Trap Kits   Pherocon II Trap Kits
Pherocon II Trap Kits are good for trapping small and large moths. Kits include three traps and three lures. Replace traps and lures every 3-4 weeks.
Bucket Traps   Plastic "Bucket" style Trap Kits
Plastic "Bucket" style Trap Kits last season after season. Baited with a pheromone lure loaded with a toxicant strip, these traps are the most efficient for a variety of crops. Yellow/white for Black Cutworm and Sweet Potato Weevil and all green for the armyworms. Complete kits include bucket trap and three toxicant strip lures. Everything you need for up to three months of monitoring.
  Heliothis Trap Kits
Heliothis Trap Kits last multiple seasons. Place at least two traps per field, on a 6' fence post in your crop shortly after emergence or according to local recommendations. Kit includes one trap and enough lures for a growing season.
Trécé Pheromone Lures
  Trécé Group 1 Pheromone Lures
The Trece pheromones are applied to rubber septas for even release over a four week duration for better capture rates.
  Trécé Group 2 Pheromone Lures
The Trécé pheromones are applied to rubber septas for even release over a four-week duration for better capture rates.
  Trécé Pepper Weevil Trap
Early detection prevents crop loss.