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Does Green Lawnger work better on one particular type of grass?

Green Lawnger blends well with most types of grass since you control the color shade and the amount applied.  You should always do a small test spot in an inconspicuous location to see how the color will look and, if necessary, adjust the ratio accordingly.
Can it be used on dormant or non-dormant grass?

Green Lawnger can be applied to both dormant (non-growing) turf and non-dormant (growing) grass.
How long will the color last?

Green Lawnger will last between 10 and 14 weeks or until mowing removes the colored grass.
How long does it take for Green Lawnger to dry?

Green Lawnger is dry to the touch in about 45 minutes.
Is there an optimal time to apply Green Lawnger?

Green Lawnger should be applied on dry days with the temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  You will want to apply it after the morning dew has dried but not in the evening when dew could prevent it from drying.
How is Green Lawnger mixed?

Green Lawnger is mixed with water, with the ratio determined by the type of grass and the desired color.  For dormant grass, mix 1 part Green Lawnger with 7 to 9 parts water; for non-dormant grass, mix 1 part Green Lawnger with 15 to 20 parts water.  You can experiment with different ratios – weaker or stronger – depending upon the color you want the turf to be.
Can Green Lawnger be mixed with herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals?

Green Lawnger can be mixed with herbicides, pesticides and other lawn or turf chemicals.  You should follow the mixing instructions for the chemicals and use all safety precautions associated with it.
What type of sprayer should be used?

Green Lawnger can be applied with many different types of sprayers, everything from handheld sprayers to backpack sprayers to spot sprayers to trailer sprayers.  The manufacturer recommends using chemical resistant seals to help prevent leaks when using it in centrifugal pumps because standard ceramic seals may leak.
Do I need a license to spray Green Lawnger?

You don’t need a permit or license to spray only Green Lawnger.  If you mix it with chemicals, you will need the required permit or license for the chemicals.
Is Green Lawnger harmful to the grass?

Green Lawnger contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals or other inert ingredients harmful to turf.
Is it safe to use around children?

When applied as directed, Green Lawnger is safe to use around children, but you should take steps to ensure that it is properly stored and kept out of the reach of children.
Will my pet get sick if it eats grass that has been dyed with Green Lawnger?

Green Lawnger is not harmful to pets that have ingested grass treated with it.
Can Green Lawnger cause stains?

Green Lawnger can permanently stain concrete or masonry, other objects or fixtures where color is not desired, and clothing.
Can accidental oversprays be cleaned off?

Oversprays can be washed off with a water rinse prior to drying; soap and water with a scrub brush can be used on heavier stained areas.
When it rains or the grass is wet, will Green Lawnger rub off on shoes
  and clothes or pets?

Once Green Lawnger dries, it will not rub off on shoes and clothes or pets after it rains or the lawn is watered or the grass is wet with dew.
What is the shelf life of Green Lawnger?

Unopened and stored properly, Green Lawnger should have a shelf life of at least three years.
How should Green Lawnger be stored?

Green Lawnger should be stored in a cool and dry place and one where it will not be subjected to temperature extremes, either hot or cold.
What happens if Green Lawnger freezes in the container?

Green Lawnger is freeze-thaw stable.  If it should freeze, let the colorant thaw completely and then mix it thoroughly by shaking the container.