QuikPRO ® Herbicide Frequently Asked Questions

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Below find questions and answers to our most frequently asked questions about QuikPRO ®.
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What is the mix ratio?

For spray-to-wet hand sprayer applications, mix 1.5 ounces of QuikPro ® herbicide per gallon of spray solution when spraying perennial or brush weeds. When spraying annual weeds, mix at a rate of 1.2 ounces of QuikPro ® herbicide per gallon of spray solution. The manufacturer may recommend different mix ratios for other types of applications.  Please read the product label for complete instructions and recommended mix ratios.
How many gallons of spray solution can I get from the 6.8-pound jug?

The amount of spray solution you can make from a 6.8-pound jug depends on the mix ratio you use. By mixing 1.5 ounces per gallon of spray solution, you will get approximately 72 gallons of spray solution per 6.8-pound jug.
Will QuikPro ® herbicide prevent weeds from emerging?

No. QuikPro ® herbicide is a post-emergent herbicide. Weeds must have emerged and be actively growing at the time of application.
I’ve just applied QuikPro ® herbicide. How long do I have to wait
  before I can till the area?

You should not till or disturb the soil for 7 days after application to allow translocation into underground plant parts.
How long do I have to wait before my dog, vehicle or myself can go
   into the treated area?

Wait until the spray has dried before entering the area. Dry time could take longer in humid weather.
What if it rains after I apply QuikPro ® herbicide?

Heavy rainfall after application may wash QuikPro ® herbicide off of the foliage and a repeat application may be required for adequate control. QuikPro ® herbicide should be rainfast in one hour.
Roundup ® QuikPRO ® 6.8 lb. Jug
Roundup ® QuikPRO ® 6.8 lb. Jug
Roundup ® QuikPRO ® -- Five, 1.5-oz. Packets
Roundup ® QuikPRO ® -- Five, 1.5-oz. Packets