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Garlic Barrier Frequently Asked Questions Garlic Barrier
Find answers to frequently asked questions about Garlic Barrier use, mixing and application instructions, and storing Garlic Barrier solution for extended shelf life.
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What type of pests is Garlic Barrier effective against?

Garlic Barrier is effective against a variety of pests such as deer, rabbits, birds, geese, armadillos, field mice, gnats, snails, grasshoppers & iguanas.  For mosquitoes, use the Mosquito Barrier.
What is the difference between the gallon and quarts of Garlic Barrier?

The gallon size Garlic Barrier is 99.3% Pure Garlic Extract while the quart size of Garlic Barrier is 10% Garlic Extract and 90% deionized water. 
What are the mixing instructions for Garlic Barrier?

If using the gallon of Garlic Barrier, mix 2 ounces of Garlic Barrier for each gallon of liquid.  If using the quart size bottle of Garlic Barrier mix 13 ounces of Garlic Barrier per gallon of water.
When should I apply Garlic Barrier?

Apply Garlic Barrier as a preventative treatment prior to infestation. When the foliage first emerges, apply the first Garlic Barrier application, and then repeat regularly on a 10-14 day schedule to maintain effectiveness.
How should I apply Garlic Barrier? Can I use a hose end sprayer to apply it?

Garlic Barrier can be applied using any canister or backpack sprayer and should be mixed according to the instructions on the bottle.  A hose end sprayer can be also used but will not be as accurate.  To use a hose end sprayer mix 12 ounces of Garlic Barrier with 20 ounces of water and pour the mixture in to the container to spray.
The Garlic Barrier is clogging my sprayer. What can I do?

To eliminate any clogging of the sprayer or nozzles strain the Garlic Barrier mixture before putting it in the sprayer. Also, if using a hand held sprayer regularly clean the strainer or filter in the wand tip to prevent any Garlic Barrier build-up and further clogging.
How much will the Garlic Barrier cover?

One quart of Garlic Barrier will make enough solution to cover 10,890 square feet. The coverage for the gallon will vary depending on how it is mixed and the application.
Will my fruit and vegetables taste like garlic after I use it?

No garlic flavor is passed on to fruit or vegetables that are treated with Garlic Barrier.
How long does the garlic odor last after application?

The garlic odor will dissipate quickly after application of Garlic Barrier.
What is the shelf life of Garlic Barrier?

Garlic Barrier will last for about two years if stored in a cool place with the lid on tightly.  If stored in a refrigerator at 40 degrees Garlic Barrier will last for several years. 
How should Garlic Barrier be stored?

Garlic Barrier should be stored between 35 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit and out of direct sunlight and away from heat, open flame or hot surfaces.  Do not allow Garlic Barrier to freeze.
Is the Garlic Barrier systemic within the plant?

Yes, the longer Garlic Barrier has been applied to a plant the more effective it will be.
Is Garlic Barrier safe for use around children and pets?

Garlic Barrier is all natural and safe for use around children & pets. 
Can Garlic Barrier be used on mosquitoes?

Garlic Barrier will repel mosquitoes but Mosquito Barrier is a better choice because it is specifically formulated for mosquitoes. 
Do I have to reapply after it rains?

The best thing to do is to monitor activity and reapply as necessary if there is an increase in activity. Also, do not spray Garlic Barrier within 48 hours before or after rain. Garlic Barrier is rain resistant once it is dry.