Fimco Sprayer FAQs

Fimco Sprayers Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I power my 12-volt sprayer?

Each 12-volt sprayer comes with a wiring harness and alligator clips which connect the pump to the 12-volt battery on your lawn tractor, ATV or utility vehicle. The wiring harness and clips can also be used to connect the pump to a separate 12-volt battery instead of to the battery in the vehicle.
I just received my sprayer and cannot find the manual or the wiring harness. What do I do?

Check inside the tank. The manual and wiring harness should be there. If your sprayer has a pressure gauge, it will also be inside the tank.
I hooked my sprayer up to the battery on my lawn tractor, but it doesn’t run. How come?

Most FIMCO 12 volt sprayers have ON-OFF switches on both the lead wire assembly and the pump. Make sure that both switches are in the ON position.
Both switches are in the on position, but it still does not run. Now what?

Check to see if all connections are tight and power is getting to the pump. If connections are good, then call our Technical Product Support Department at 1-800-874-4755 or FIMCO Customer Service at 1-800-831-0027. Please have your sprayer model number ready when calling.
How do I regulate the pressure on my 12-volt sprayer?

If your sprayer is set up to allow pressure adjustment there will be valves that split the solution flow between the spray wand, boom and return line to the tank. Opening and closing the valve on the return line will adjust the pressure to the boom or spray wand.
Can I put a longer hose on my sprayer?

In most cases, yes. The maximum length of hose that can be used on a sprayer varies depending on the pump.
Can I run diesel fuel through my 12-volt pump?

No. The internal parts of the pump will be damaged by the diesel fuel and your warranty will be voided.
Can I spray bleach through my spray to clean my siding?

No. Bleach is extremely hard on the internal parts of the pump and the nylon fittings.
Why does the motor on my 12V pump run but it doesn’t pump anything?

There are many possible issues. The filter or hose may be plugged. If your sprayer has inline valves, a closed valve could be stopping flow into or out of the pump. An air-locked pump may also be to blame. Dirty, deteriorated or damaged check valves can also prevent a pump from pumping and building pressure even though it still runs.
Can the 15-and 20- gallon spot sprayers be mounted to a surface?

Yes. The 15-and 25-gallon tanks have threaded fittings on the bottom which can be used to mount the
tanks to flat surfaces.
There is no gasket on the lid of my Fimco tank. Should there be a gasket?

No. The lids of Fimco tanks do not have gaskets. There is a valve to prevent liquid from splashing through the lanyard hole, but there is no lid gasket.