Frequently Asked Questions About Carhartt

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How does Carhartt ® sizing run?

Carhartt ® products are generously cut for more freedom of movement and a comfortable fit. Order your Carhartt ® products in your actual, correct size.
How much will Carhartt ® shrink after washing?

Prewashed garments will have minimal shrinkage, but garments that are not will have a maximum shrinkage of 3 to 5 percent as long as the laundering instructions are followed.
Should I order a larger size if I layer other garments underneath?

Yes. Layering is a very effective way to stay warm but it also means you need a larger size to accommodate the extra clothing underneath. We suggest measuring your size while you wear the undergarments you plan to use.
What is the difference between a regular and tall size?   How do I know which one to order?

We recommend the following. If you are 5'7" to 5'11" order a regular size. People from 5'11" to 6'3" need a tall. The difference in jackets and coats is usually 2 inches in the sleeve and center back length.  It is also usually 2 inches in coveralls.
Can I order a size or style not listed in the catalog?

We regularly special order Carhartt® for our customers. Simply call our Technical Product Support Department at
1-800-874-4755 or e-mail them at They are very familiar with Carhartt ® and can answer any questions. There are no extra charges for this service.
What are the temperature ratings for Carhartt ®?

Carhartt® products do not have temperature ratings (-10 to +40 degrees for example) because their workwear is almost always used in combination with other layers of clothing. Arctic grade is the thickest and warmest. Click here for more information on Carhartt® linings.

Can Carhartt ® garments be repaired?

Yes, Carhartt ® workwear can be repaired. Jobs like replacing zippers are done at the factory. We recommend you contact Carhartt ® directly by calling 1-800-833-3118. They will help make arrangements for your repair.
How do different jean styles fit?

Carhartt makes four different styles of jeans.  Traditional fit jeans have slim seats and thighs and usually have straight legs.  Relaxed fit jeans have relaxed seats and thighs and also usually have straight legs.  Select styles of these jeans are also available with tapered legs.  Loose fit jeans have loose seats and thighs while Dungaree fit jeans offer full cut seats and thighs.  Both styles feature wide legs to better fit over workboots.
Is there a difference between Prewashed and Sandstone?

Prewashed is denim or cotton duck material that is washed by the manufacturer.  Sandstone is also washed cotton duck, but it is micro-sanded as well.  This gives both garments a softer feel compared to unwashed.
Does Carhartt ® make children's clothing?
How do I choose my size in Bibs vs. Coveralls?

Dress in the clothes you will be wearing under the bibs or coveralls. Remember to allow for extra clothes on those cold days or for reaching and stretching. Then measure around the waist for ordering bibs and measure around the chest for ordering coveralls.