Watering Hose

High-quality 5/8", 3/4" and 1"
watering and irrigation hoses
most stores won't stock
Watering and Irrigation Hoses
Flexogen Hose Commercial-grade Hoses PVC Hoses
Gilmour ® Flexogen ®
Flexogen is the only 8-ply
hose on the market
Swan ® Commericial-grade

Heavy-duty rubber/
vinyl reinforced hoses
Deluxe PVC Hoses
Chemical resistant
water hoses
Reinforced PVC Hoses Commercial-duty Reinforced Hoses Hot Water Hoses
Swan ® Heavy-duty
Reinforced PVC Hoses

For golf courses, parks,
nurseries and other
high-volume water uses
Commercial-duty Reinforced
Rubber Hoses

Hot water hoses withstand
water temperatures up to 160ºF
Swan ® Hot Water Rubber
Reinforced Hoses

Hot water reinforced hoses
rated up to 200ºF
Premium Hoses Flexzilla Hoses Marine, Camper Hose
Dramm ® ColorStorm ™
Premium hoses are acid
and kink resistant
Flexzilla ® Hoses
Provide excellent flexibility
Marine/Camper Hose

Can be used for
potable water
25-ft. Marine/Camper Self-coiling Hoses Medium-duty Water Hoses Kink-free Water Hoses
25-ft. Marine/Camper Self-coiling Hoses
Eliminate storage hassles
with this self-coiling
potable water hose
Medium-duty Water Hoses
An economical solution
for general watering
Kink-free Water Hoses
Get constant water flow
when you need it
PVC Irrigation Hoses PVC Irrigation Hoses PVC Irrigation Hoses
Kochek ® Extreme-duty
PVC Irrigation Hoses--3/4"

Highest working and burst
pressures of any
PVC hose we carry
Kochek ® Extreme-duty
PVC Irrigation Hose--1"

Max working pressure
of 125 psi
Kochek ® Extreme-duty
PVC Irrigation Hose--1"
Full-flow Coupler

Hot water reinforced hoses
rated up to 200ºF
Ultralite High-pressure Irrigation Hoses
Kochek ® Ultralite
Irrigation Hoses

One of the highest-quality
watering hoses around
Irrigation Soaker Hoses
Soaker Hose Weeper Hose
Dramm ® ColorStorm ™
Premium Soaker Hoses

Conserve water
when irrigating
Gilmour ® Vinyl Weeper Hose
Weeper hose provides gentle,
even soaking as water “weeps”
through thousands of pores