Turf and Lawn Aerators, Rollers and Sweepers

Turf and Lawn Aerators
Turf and Lawn Aerators,
Rollers & Sweepers
Keep your lawn healthy and well-groomed with heavy-duty lawn aerators, rollers and sweepers from TurfVent ™ and Ohio Steel.
• Lawn aerators increase
  soil exposure to air,
  water and fertilizer
• Lawn rollers pack
  down new sod or
  damaged ground
• Lawn sweepers collect
  clippings and leaves
Turf and Lawn Aerators
Turf Vent
Heavy-duty Pull-type and 3-point Aerators
• Designed for professional
  grounds maintenance
• Available in 3 widths in either
  pull-type or three-point versions
• 45 core plugs per square yard
  that are 5/8" dia. with a
  maximum 3-1/2" soil penetration
• Galvanized metal weight tray
  and Grade 5 fasteners
• USA made
Pull Type Hitch
  Working        Total       Max Tray       Shipping
    Width          Width       Capacity        Weight        Item No.             Price      
      32"             43"           150 lb.          94 lb.          147643         /ea.
      40"             51"           175 lb.          104 lb.        147644         /ea.
      48"             58"           200 lb.          117 lb.        147645         /ea.
Three-point Hitch (Category 1)
      32"         33-1/2"       150 lb.          94 lb.          147646         /ea.
      40"            40"           175 lb.          104 lb.        147647         /ea.
      48"            48"           200 lb.          117 lb.        147648         /ea.       52"                             200 lb.          350 lb.        156320         /ea.
Turf and Lawn Rollers
Ohio Steel Heavy-duty steel lawn rollers
that are built to last
Lawn Rollers
• Give your lawn a smooth, professionally groomed appearance by
  packing uneven ground caused by mole damage or frost heaving
• Also ideal for packing newly sown seed or sod
• Durable powder coat finish, an expansion drain plug for a tight
  seal and rounded edges for easy turning        • USA made
                                                    Item No.              Price      
  36"x18" Lawn Roller              106240           /ea.
  48"x24" Lawn Roller              147736           /ea.*
  60"x24" Lawn Roller              167793           /ea.*
*Shipped by motor freight. Charges to be determined when order is placed
Turf and Lawn Sweepers
Ohio Steel Lawn Sweepers
Heavy-duty Lawn Sweepers
• Huge time savers when it comes to removing grass clippings
  and leaves from turf
• May be pulled with an ATV or lawn tractor
• Fits a variety of vehicle hitches from 6" to 11" high
• Collection bag flips up when not in use for easy storage
• Imported
  Width      Capacity       Item No.           Price      
    42"        18 cu. ft.        151032         /ea.
    50"        26 cu. ft.        167794         /ea.*
Lawn Sweepers
Dethatchers and Overseeders
Billy Goat
Power Rake and Overseeder
• Powerful tools for turf maintenance
• Powered by Honda®
• Overseeder drops at 20" width and overseeds
  up to 13,200 sq. ft. per hour
• Power Rake unit thatches up to 13,200 sq. ft.
  per hour at 1.5 mph
• USA made

  Item No.      Description       Price      
  171619        Overseeder      /ea.
  171621        Power Rake     /ea.*
Billy Goat Power Rake:
"Love this machine. Does a
wonderful job, heavy to move
but when operating moves itself. Billy Goat Products are built to last and for a lifetime of use."
   – Lawn Care from
      North Dakota
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