Mens' Sun Hats & Womens' Sun Hats

Sun Hat Sun Hat
Keep your crew safe with field-tested sun hats from GEMPLER’S ®. Find straw sun hats, pith
helmets and more.
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       Women's & Men's Sun Hats by style
Straw Sun Hats Straw Sun Hats
Straw hats in outback,
western and other styles

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Outback Sun Hats Outback Sun Hats
Lightweight, breathable
outback sun hats
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Neck Shades
Booney Sun Hats Booney Sun Hats
Wide-brimmed booney hats
protect from any angle
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Neck Shades
Protective neck shades for
hard hats or baseball caps
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DuPont Supplex Sun Hats DuPont™ Supplex ®
Sun Hats

High-performance hats that are
breathable and water-resistant
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Sun Hats
Solarweave Sun Hats Solarweave ® Sun Hats
Solarweave blocks out
99.1% of UVB rays and
93.5% of UVA rays
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Sun Hats
Insect Shield Bucket Hat
Pith Helmet Sun Hats Pith Helmet Sun Hats
Durable hats that keep their
shape in the rain
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Sun Hats
Hi Vis Sun Hats
Protection from the sun and
makes sure you're seen
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