Safety Cans

Safety Cans
Keep gasoline and other flammable liquids stored securely with safety
cans from Gempler’s ®!
Gempler’s ® is your #1 source for safety cans. We stock Type I & II safety cans to meet OSHA, NFPA, D.O.T. and CARB requirements (see product listings for specific compliance
Safety Cans
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    Safety Cans
Justrite ® Type-I Safety Cans Justrite Logo
Type-1 Safety Cans
• Heavy-duty, lead-free steel safety cans
  provide maximum protection against corrosion
• Designed for storage and dispensing of
petroleum-based solvents such as gasoline
  and gasoline/oil mixtures
• FM approved and UL listed
• Self-closing, self-venting lid controls vapors & spills
• Free-flow metal-mesh flame arresters prevent
  ignition and meet OSHA standard 29 CFR
• USA made
NOTE: Not for use in
over-the-road vehicles.

Size             Item No.
1 Gallon            10301
2-1/2 Gallon     174039
5 Gallon            10801A
Type-1 Approved Funnel Item No. 123709
Eagle ® Type-I Safety Cans Eagle Logo
Red is Gasoline, Blue is Kerosene, Yellow is Diesel
• Galvanized Type-I cans meet OSHA and NFPA
  Code 30 requirements and are FM, UL and ULC
  approved for safe handling and storage of
  gasoline and other flammable liquids
• 24-gauge galvanized steel with baked-on,
  powder-coated finish and lead-free,
  two-piece, no-weld construction
• Each can comes with a detachable
  funnel for easy pouring
• Can labels are printed in English,
  Spanish and French
• USA made
Size            Item No.
1 Gallon            52200
2 Gallon            52201
5 Gallon            52202
      Justrite ® Type-II Safety Cans
• Constructed entirely of steel
• Finger-squeeze trigger that keeps you in control of liquid
  flow and helps avoid those dangerous spillovers
• Built-in safety features include an internal
  dual-density flame arrester to dissipate
  heat and prevent flashback ignition;
  leaktight, self-closing lid; automatic
  venting between three and five
  psig to guard against pressure
  buildup at elevated temperatures
  and potential explosion
• Every can is 100% tested to
  guarantee leakproof construction
• Flexible metal hose provides a grounding path to
  prevent static sparks when a grounding wire is used
• Meets OSHA and NFPA standards
• FM approved. UL and ULC listed.
Red is Gasoline, Yellow is Diesel, Blue is Kerosene, Green is Oils
Size             Item No.
1 Gallon            139230
2 Gallon            139232
2-1/2 Gallon     124016
5 Gallon            139234
Justrite ® UNO™ D.O.T. Type-II Safety Cans Justrite Logo
• Comply with D.O.T. regulations for over-
  the-road transport of flammable liquids
• Same construction as the standard
  Type-II UNO™ cans, but also have
  a roll bar to protect the openings
  and a pour-spout valve that
  secures to prevent spillage
  during transport
• Meets D.O.T. and HM-181 requirements
• FM approved
• UN marking: UN 1A1/Y1.2/100
• USA made
Size               Item No.
1 Gallon                97977
2-1/2 Gallon         174049
5 Gallon                97979
Uno Safety Cans
CARB-compliant Fuel Cans
CARB-Compliant Safety Cans
• Spill-proof spouts with thumb button controls do
  not push down on your tank’s filler neck
• Professional-grade cans stop flow automatically
  and the stainless steel filter screens prevent
  dirt and debris from entering your tank
• Semi-translucent containers include molded
  quart and liter markings
• Designed to empty completely without tilting
• USA made
NOTE: Cans do not meet OSHA standards.
                                            Item No.
1-1/4 Gallon (Red)          151293
2-1/2 Gallon (Red)          151294
5 Gallon (Blue)                151296
5 Gallon (Yellow)             151297
5 Gallon (Red)                 151295
CARB-compliant Metal Jerry Can and Carrier
Jerry Can
• Advanced spout design that features convenient
  variable flow, automatic venting, automatic
  locking when the lever is released and an
  airtight seal when not in use to reduce spills
• Made from heavy-gauge steel by handcrafted
• Meets D.O.T. regulations
• Complies with California Air Resource Board
  and EPA requirements for portable fuel
• Mount 5-gallon jerry can to your vehicle with
  optional carrier
                                          Item No.
Jerry Can                          173104
Mountable Carrier           173105

Fuel Tags
Fuel Identification Tags
• Easily indentify which fuel goes into
  your machinery and equipment
• Ten like tags per pack
• USA made
                                       Item No.
Mixed Fuel (Green)      134481
Reg. Gas (Red)            134480
Diesel (Yellow)             134482