Prescribed Burning

Drip Torch
Start and Manage Field Burning
and Other Prescribed Burning Projects
Drip Torch
Keep field burns and other prescribed burns under control with the right equipment. Remember
to check with your local DNR or forestry
service for additional safety guidelines.
Ideal for:
• Brush clearing
• Pastures and fields
• Fence lines
• Roadsides
Drip Torch
Drip torch is ideal for
starting controlled burns
Fire Pumps
5 Gallon Fire Pump Collapsible Fire Pump
Indian ® 5-gal.
Fire Pump

Benefits of steel fire
pumps, but with less
weight and no rusting
Indian ® Collapsible
Fire Pump

Approved by the
U.S. Forestry Service
Unique Tools to Control Burns
Fire Swatter Fire Rake
Council ® Tool Fire Swatter
Puts out small grass fires quickly
Fire Rake
Ideal for clearing leaves,
needles and twigs
Pulaski Axe
Pulaski Axe
Seymour ® Pulaski Axe
Ideal for chopping wood,
digging soil and more

Council ® Pulaski Axe
Combines a mattock
and an axe

Liquid Storage Tank Fire Rake Fire Rake
Kolaps-A-Tank ® Collapsible
Liquid Storage Tank

Liquid storage tank collapses
for easy handling and storage

Bully Tools Fire Rake
Helps to create fire breaks

Replacement Teeth