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pH, EC, TDS and Light Meters

Maintain the proper pH and EC so your plants can utilize nutrients more efficiently. We offer high-quality testing equipment from industry leaders such as: Hanna, Oakton,
and Extech.
Collection of ph, ec, TDS meters
• pH Meters
• EC/TDS Meters
• Light Meters
pH Meters     EC/TDS Meters Combo pH, EC, TDS and Temperature Meter
Hanna pHep 5 pH Meter
with solutions

• Sensor on this Hanna pH meter can
  be easily replaced in the field or
  at the office
• Ideal for soil, water and
  fertilizer testing
• Includes one pint of 4 and 7 pH
  calibration solutions. Meter is
  7.9"H x 1.8"W x 1"D and weighs 2.9 oz.
Hanna pHep 5 pH Meter with solutions
Combo pH, EC, TDS
and Temperature Meter

• The Hanna Combo ® is the
  only tester on the market that
  measures pH, conductivity, TDS
  and temperature
• Large dual-level LCD
• Combo meter has a
  replaceable pH electrode
  with a cloth junction for
  rejuvenation of the electrode
  Light Meters
SunCalc ® Sunlight Meter
• Accurately measures the amount of light
  that falls on any specific location during
  a 12-hour period
• After 12 hours of operation, only one LED light
  will flash, indicating the available sunlight as
  full sun, partial sun, partial shade or full shade
• 24-hr. auto shutoff, 3-volt lithium battery included
Sun Calc Sunlight Meter
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