Live Animal Traps

Gempler’s ® is your best source for
live animal traps, baits and lures!
All of our traps have been proven effective through extensive field testing and are easy to bait, set and release. Choose from a wide variety of live traps, baits and lures for all of your wildlife
control needs.
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Rear Door Live Traps
Rear-door Live Traps
Quicker access for baiting,
release and transfer

• Rear-door sliding panel is equipped with a
  double latch and security lock
• The back of the rear-door live trap is
  constructed of reinforced heavy-gauge
  metal to ensure durability
Item No. Use for LxWxH
72818 Squirrels & Large Rodents 18"x5"x5"
72824 Rabbits & Skunks 24"x7"x8"
72830 Small Racoons 30"x11"x12"
72836 Racoons, Opossums & Woodchucks 36"x11"x12"
72842 Small Dogs, Bobcats & Foxes 42"x15"x18"
72848 Dogs, Coyotes & Bobcats 48"x15"x22”
72861 Large Dogs & Coyotes 60"x20"x28"
72872 Extra-Large Dogs & Coyotes 72"x20"x28"
133757 Raccoons, Cats, Groundhogs, Nutria,
Armadillos and more
Single Door Traps
Single-door Live Traps
• Live traps used by farmers, ranchers,
  trappers and wildlife control professionals
• Eliminates need for dangerous traps that
  can harm children or pets
• Easy to bait, set and release
Item No. Use for LxWxH
RHV18 Squirrels & Large Rodents 18"x5"x5"
RHV24 Rabbits & Skunks 24"x8"x7"
RHV32 Small Raccoons & Woodchucks 30"x11"x12"
RHV36 Large Raccoons & Opossums 36"x11"x12"
RHV42 Dogs, Bobcats & Foxes 42"x15"x18"
RHV48 Large Dogs, Bobcats & Foxes 48"x15"x22"