Garlic Barrier for Pest Control

Garlic Barrier Repellent
Protect your plants and ornamentals from pest damage with easy-to-use Garlic Barrier ®. 100% natural deer repellent, rabbit repellent, rodent and insect repellent. Available in quart or gallon sizes.
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Size, Ratio, Makes, Item No. Garlic Barrier Deters:
Simply mix with water and spray on your
plants with no harmful fumes or chemicals.
Garlic odor disperses in a minute, leaving no garlic residue. Helps to deter pests for up to 10 days. Dilute quarts in water 10:1. 1 qt. makes enough to cover
10,890 sq. ft. (gallon containers dilute 99:1). Listed
by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic growers. USA made.
NOTE: Not for sale in some states.
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