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Earplugs - How to choose the best ones for your needs

Earplug In-use Photos
Choosing the Best Earplugs
To choose the best earlugs for your
needs, consider the following:
• What NRR do I need?
• Do I want disposable or reusable earplugs?
• Would standard safety earmuffs or radio
  earmuffs be a better match for the job?
  Disposable Earplugs Reusable Earplugs
Howard Leight MAX Earplugs 28-21 EAR Swerve Earplugs
33-28 NRR 33
Howard Leight ® MAX ®
EAR Swerve Earplugs NRR 28
EAR ® Swerve ™
Howard Leight MAX USA Earplugs
Howard Leight AirSoft Earplugs
NRR 33
Howard Leight ® MAX ® USA
Moldex SparkPlugs Earplugs
Howard Leight Hearing Band Earplugs
NRR 33
Moldex ® SparkPlugs ®
NRR 26
Howard Leight ® Quiet ®
Howard Leight Quiet Earplugs
Moldex PuraFit Earplugs
Howard Leight Quiet Earplugs
NRR 33
Moldex ® PuraFit ®
Moldex PlugStation Earplugs
NRR 26
EAR ® EarBuds ®

Ear EarBuds Earplugs
Ear EarBuds Earplugs
NRR 33
Moldex ® PlugStation ®
NRR 25
Howard Leight ® SmartFit ®
Howard Leight SmartFit Earplugs
Howard Leight Laser Lite Earplugs
NRR 25
UltraFit ®

EAR UltraFit Earplugs
NRR 32
Howard Leight ® Laser Lite ®
EAR UltraFit Earplugs
Howard Leight MAX Lite Earplugs
John Deere Earplugs NRR 25
John Deere
NRR 30
Howard Leight ® MAX Lite ®
John Deere Earplugs
Peltor Next Skull Screws Earplugs
Elvex Quattro Earplugs
NRR 25
Elvex ® Quattro ™
Moldex Jazz Band Earplugs NRR 22
Moldex ® Jazz Band ®
Moldex Jazz Band Earplugs
NRR 30
Peltor Next ® Skull Screws ™
Moldex Jazz Band Earplugs
EAR Classic Earplugs
NRR 29
EAR ® Classic ®
Howard Leight Clarity Earplugs
NRR 28
Push-Ins ™

EAR Push-ins Earplugs
Howard Leight Clarity Earplugs NRR 21
Howard Leight ® Clarity ®
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