Mulch Colorants and Turf Colorants

Give your landscape a fresh look with mulch colorants and turf colorants
You can save time and money with these economical alternatives for replacement mulch or sod. Mulch and turf dyes are easy to apply with a hand or backpack sprayer, allowing you to freshen the look of your mulch or turf in minutes!
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  • Green Lawnger
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Greenlawnger Turf Colorant
Customer Review - 5 Stars
This is a great product for trouble areas of a lawn. You can easily adjust the color to just the right shade. Easy to apply, long lasting color. Gives you the opportunity to repair the areas in question, but still have a green healthy looking lawn!
Tom the Maintenance Man
San Martin, CA
Before and After Photo of Greenlawner
Green Lawnger®
Restores healthy green color to discolored or dormant turf
• Permanent green pigment
• Liquid formula turf dye is easily applied with most
  types of sprayers
• Keeps turf looking fresh for 10 to 14 weeks
  or until you mow it away
• By adjusting the mix to water ratio, you can
  control the color shade of your turf
• 1 gal. covers 4,000 to 12,000 sq. ft., depending
  on the type of grass and color of turf desired
• USA made
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Mulch Magic Colors Customer Review 5 Stars
I was unhappy with the light color of my newly laid mulch. Ordered this product to stain the mulch dark brown. Sprayed it on with typical pressure sprayer as used for weed killing, etc. Work like a charm. Has lasted beautifully through many rainfalls and daily sprinkler system. Received many compliments from neighbors. Also purchased same product for some commercial properties I manage. Spruced up the two year old mulch with an all-over spray. Looked like we had laid mulch new this year.
Fort Gratiot, Michigan
Mulch Magic
Restores color to faded mulch
• Economical, long-lasting, easy-to-apply colorant
  for faded mulch.
• Simply mix mulch dye with water and apply to faded
  mulch using a handheld or backpack sprayer
• Color will last on most mulches for more than a
  year, with gradual fading.
• Mixing 3 to 4 oz. in a gallon of water will treat 200
  to 400 sq. ft. of mulch.
• Available in three earthtone colors: dark brown for
  the look of eastern hardwood bark, black for the look
  of walnut or oak bark, or red for the look of redwood.
• USA made.
Mulch Magic In Use Photo
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