Wood Walking Canes and Walking Sticks

Country Cane
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Snow Stick
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Gardener's Walking Stick
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Ladies Cane
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Twisted Hickory Cane
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Twisted Oak Hame
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Walking Canes and Walking Sticks
All Gempler’s ® wood walking
canes and walking sticks
are handcrafted in the USA
from American hardwoods.
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Walking Sticks Walking Canes
Walking Canes and Walking Sticks Snow Stick 52 inches tall Gardener's Stick 52 inches tall Ladies Oak Cane 34 inches tall Twisted Oak Hame 37 inches tall
Handcrafted walking sticks with many uses
• 52" hardwood walking
  stick with other tools and
  features that will be useful
  all four seasons of the year
• Handcrafted walking aids
  are made from 100%
  American hardwoods
  (ash or oak)
• Finished with a high-
  quality lacquer to
  enhance and preserve
  the wood
• Ideal for marking plant
  locations in a garden or
  flowerbed or for measur-
  ing snowfall accumulation
• Both styles are identical
  except for the laser-
  engraved name on the
  upper part of the handle
• USA made
American-made Walking Canes
All canes feature a rubber ferrule for a firm,
secure grip on almost any surface and are protected
with a clear-coat lacquer finish.
A. Twisted Oak Hame Top Walking Cane
• Crafted from the finest oak and crowned with
  a comfortable brass hame that is easy to hold
     Item No. 162437
B. Twisted Hickory Walking Cane
• Hickory is known for strength and flexibility,
  making it an ideal wood for a strong,
  sturdy cane
• Beautiful twist spiraling down the shaft
  gives elegance to this functional
  walking cane
     Item No. 162435
C. Ladies Twisted Oak Walking Cane
• Ladies walking cane is beautifully made from
  100% oak and finished with an attractive red
  stain to magnify the natural beauty
     Item No. 162436
The Snow Stick
Gardener’s Yard Stick

Twisted Hickory Cane Walking Sticks Ladie's Cane