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Moldex EZ-ON N95 Respirator

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Item No: WEBG10152
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Product Information

Single strap design keeps this respirator snug but easy to put on and take off

The unique, single-strap design of the Moldex EZ-ON N95 Respirator makes this one of the easiest respirators on the market to put on and take off. No more hassles or tangling of multiple straps. The single strap and head harness also make this Moldex respirator comfortable, as well as snug for a secure fit. The Moldex EZ-ON N95 Respirator is certified under NIOSH 42CFR84 to have a filter efficiency level of 95% or greater against particulate aerosols free of oil. Approval No. TC-84A-3743 and TC-84A-3846. Bag of 10. USA made.

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