Spilfyter Premium General-purpose Pads

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Item No: WEB97111
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Product Information

Spilfyter Premium General-purpose Pads

Picks up all liquids, including acids

Absorb non-aggressive spills like oil, coolants, solvents and water. These 18"Lx16"W single-weight pads are easy to handle on large or small spills with premium fine fibers that absorb up to 16 times their own weight while small-micron-diameter fibers provide greater retention and strength. Capillary action disperses the liquid as it’s absorbed into fabric; prevents liquids from pouring through. “Interlocking” bonded sorbents prevent separation of fabric during cleanup, leaving more surface area to absorb liquids. Pads are perforated vertically for a more flexible fit in tight, narrow spaces. Specify type and dimensions from the drop down above.

Type of Pad Dimensions L x W Gallon Capacity Quantity
Lightweight 18”x 16” Up to 24.9 200
Mediumweight 18” x 16” Up to 22.6 125
Heavyweight 18” x 16” Up to 24.9 100
Heavyweight 32” x 36” Up to 49.7 50
Mediumweight 300 ft. x 16” Up to 49.7 2
Heavyweight 200 ft. x 16” Up to 48.2 2
Heavyweight 150 ft. x 16” Up to 49.7 2
Heavyweight 300 ft. x 32” Up to 49.7 1