WaterWorks™ Water Quality Test Strips

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Item No: WEB77150
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Product Information

WaterWorks™ Water Quality Test Strips

Test your water for contaminants and quickly analyze the outcome. Just dip a test strip and read the results. Each kit includes test strips, instructions and an easy-to-read chart. USA made. Specify item number from drop down box above.

Test Kit Tests Package Quantity. Item Number
Five-test Strips pH/Total Alkalinity/Total Hardness/Free and Total Chlorine 30 77150
Nine-way Test Kit Same as Five-test Strip plus Iron/Copper/Nitrate/Nitrite Nitrogen 18 77152
4-in-1 City Water Check pH/Total Alkalinity/Chlorine/Hardness 30 78280
Groundwater Check Iron/Total Hardness/pH/Nitrates/Nitrites 10 78281
Bacteria Check 1 Presence of Bacteria 1 78282
Bacteria Check 2 Presence of Bacteria/Ammonia/Nitrates/Nitrites 5 78283
Home Water Quality Test Iron/Copper/Chloride/Total Nitrates/Nitrites/pH and Total Alkalinity/Sulfate/Chlorine/Ammonia/Bacteria 23 78284

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