Gripple ® Wire Joiners and Tensioners

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Item No: WEB224786
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Product Information

Quickly and easily repair and tension fence wire

Easily join wire, re-tension year after year, terminate wire around an end post and create a slot to release tension for adjustments. To use, simply insert two ends of the wire into the Gripple, and use the Torq Tool (Item No. 224791) to apply tension. Ceramic locking mechanism design provides a strong, reliable grip on the wires. Withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Torq Tool is hand held, lightweight and compact. Features a build-in tension gauge to insure you are applying the right amount of tension (up to 400kg of load with minimal effort). Torq tool sold separately. Imported.

Wire Gauge Maximum Load Wire Type Pkg. Qty. Item No.
Small Gripple Plus 13-17 GA 660 lbs. Plain Wire 20 224786
Medium Gripple Plus 10-14 GA 880 lbs. Plain Wire 20 224787
Large Gripple Plus 7.5-10 GA 1320 lbs. Plain Wire 10 224788
Barb Gripple 12.5-14 GA 330 lbs. Barbed Wire 10 224789