FarmPro ™ Fence Energizers with Remote Control

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Item No: WEB217836
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Product Information

FarmPro ™ Fence Energizers with Remote Control

FarmPro ™ fence energizers with convenient remote control/fault finders

No more worrying about getting shocked while you repair the fence or remove debris from the fence line. Energizers include a remote control/fault finder and can turn themselves on or off anywhere along the fence line. Choose from three 110-volt energizers, which feature ultra-low impedance plus fence and ground check. Impact- and water resistant remote control features an LCD screen, low-battery warning and nine channels for use with multiple energizers. Requires a 9-volt battery (not included). USA made. Select item number from the drop down box above.

Joule Rating Acres Controlled Standard Mileage Item No.
4.5 450 75 217836
7.5 750 125 217837
10.5 1,000 175 217838