Pirit™ PVC Heated Hoses

Item No: WEB215213
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Pirit PVC Heated Hoses

Keep water flowing even in freezing temperatures

Delivering water outdoors when temperatures dip below freezing is a challenge. Unless you have a heated hose. Thermostatically controlled, these heated hoses automatically turns ON at 45ºF or lower. Turns OFF at 57ºF or higher. Feature an abrasion-resistance PVC covering with bend restrictors on both ends. Heater wires are extruded directly into the hose wall for uniform heating. Thermostat is sealed in a waterproof silicon shell. Work with a standard 110V GFCI outlet. 100' hose draws only 500 Watts. 50' hose, 360 Watts. 25' hose, 180 Watts. 12' hose, 90 Watts. For added safety, hoses are grounded, end-to-end, including the nozzles. 72", 110V electrical cord is attached. Tested to -42ºF. Meets UL and CSA requirements for heated, outdoor electric appliances. Safe for drinking water when used with a clean potable water source. Imported. Specify hose length and inside diameter from drop down boxes above.

NOTE: Heated hoses should be used only with GFCI outlets. Hose should be unhooked from water source when not in use.

Length Hose I.D. Watt Draw Item No.
12’ 1/2" 90 215213
25’ 5/8” 120 215214
50’ 5/8” 360 215215
100’ 1/2" 500 215216

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