Compost Digestant

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Item No: WEB214840
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Product Information

Compost Digestant

Accelerates organic matter composting and reduces landfill waste

Transform your yard waste into useful humus within 6 to 12 weeks during summer weather. Special blend of fungi and bacteria accelerate composting of grass clippings, leaves, vines, animal bedding, sawdust, food waste and more. Reduces odors and destroys weed seeds. Microorganisms thrive and reproduce in the high temperature, oxygendeficient environment found in compost piles. Use 1 tablespoon of digestant per bushel of compost for small piles or 25 lbs. per 1,000 cu. yds. for larger piles. Powdered digestant must be activated in warm water and then can be sprinkled or sprayed. USA made. Specify size from drop down box above.

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