Micro-Lite Chain Saw Bars

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Item No: WEB212824
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Product Information

Micro-Lite Chain Saw Bars

Ideal for occasional wood cutters

These Micro-Lite bars use a narrow-kerf chain, which reduces the power needed to cut. Ideal for occasional wood cutters. Item No. 212824 is for use with the Oregon® 3/8” 90SG-series chain. Item No. 212825 is for use with Oregon’s .325” 95VP-series chain. Non-replaceable sprocket nose. Specify bar length from drop down box above.

Bar Length Gauge Drive Links Recommended Saw Size Oregon Number Item No.
14” 0.043” 50 2.4 cu. In. (40cc) and smaller 144MLEA074 212824
18” 0.050” 62 2.2 – 3.5 cu. In. (35-57cc) 180MLBK095 212825