Digital Catch Can Reader

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Item No: WEB201403
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Product Information

Digital Catch Can Reader

Determines irrigation or spray nozzle uniformity and coverage

  • Accurately Read a Can Every 15 Seconds
  • Automatically calculates the coefficient of variation
  • Amount of irrigation in inches or mm
  • Rate of irrigation in inches per hour (mm/hr)
  • Gallons/min for a single can (L/min)

Item No. 201403 is a high-performance reader that automates irrigation audits. Simply tare weight of identical catch cans, time event with built-in stop watch, quickly weigh cans with meter and read CV and flow data for meter's LCS. It has a memory capacity up to 99 tests for up to 99 cans each with an accuracy of .01 gallons. Download the information and save it to a PC with an included USB cable and software. Easily transported and protected in a hard-shell carrying case. 13"L x 3"W x 2"H. Weighs .82 lbs. Runs on a 9V battery (included). Catch cans sold separately. USA made. Item No. 201404 is a 7"-dia. x 4.5"H round catch can for irrigation measurement. Item No. 201405 is a 17L x 3.5W x 4.5"H regular catch for measuring spray nozzles. USA made. Specify item number from drop down box above.

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