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Natural Burlap Squares

Item No: WEB185996
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Natural Burlap Squares (Bales)

Natural Burlap comes in large selection of sizes

Get the convenience of pre-cut burlap squares for your next landscaping project. Untreated burlap is mainly utilized as a protective covering for plants and roots during transplanting. Burlap is naturally biodegradable. (Untreated burlap degrades more quickly than treated). Imported. Sizes 80" and above have a seam due to the burlap making process.

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Note: Item numbers 186006, 186007, 186008, 186009, 186010, 186043, 186044, 186045, 186046, 186047, 186048 are shipped by motor freight. Charges to be determined when order is placed.

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