Motomco Gopher Bait

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Item No: WEB170996
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Product Information

Quickly stop gopher damage with this underground bait

  • Gopher bait can kill pocket gophers in a few hours
  • Highly palatable for acceptance by gophers

Easy-to-apply pelleted bait can kill pocket gophers in just a few hours. 1 tsp. of bait is applied underground in either a mound opening or in a main runway. Highly palatable pellets contain the active ingredient zinc phosphide, which produces phosphine gas inside the stomach to provide a quick kill. Pellets may be used with most bait applicators. 1-lb. bottle or 5-lb. pail. USA made.
NOTE: Not for sale in Alaska, Hawaii, New Hampshire, North Carolina or Pennsylvania. EPA registration number is 12455-18-3240.


Active Ingredient:Zinc Phosphide
Lethal Dose:Teaspoon
Mode of Action:Phosphine Gas
Time Until Death:2 to 3 hours
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  • MSDS - Motomco Gopher Bait