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Spilfyter® Gap Seal™ Plugging Compounds

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Item No: WEB14510
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Product Information

Putty compound quickly seals hazardous-chemical leaks

  • Seals leaks and drips
  • Won't react with the leaking liquid
  • Press putty over and around the puncture
  • USA made

Seal leaks and drips quickly and easily. Gap Seal is chemically inert and won’t react with your leaking liquid. Simply press putty over and around the puncture to stop the flow. USA made. Select hydrocarbons or universal from the drop down box above.

Universal – Works well on a variety of hazardous liquids, including acids, caustics and other water-soluble liquids. Premixed putty allows quick, easy application.

Hydrocarbons – Suitable for organic solvents, hydrocarbons and other water-insoluble liquids.