Emergency Eyewash and Shower Decontamination Station

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Item No: WEB109435
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Product Information

This emergency eyewash and shower decontamination station is ideal for large growers and commercial applicators

  • Exceeds a drenching 20 gpm water flow at 30 psi
  • 10" diameter ABS plastic shower head
  • SpinTec ™ showerhead provides superior washdown
  • Meets ANSI Z358.1-2004 standards

Install emergency eyewash and shower adjacent to mixing and loading areas where serious chemical spills are most likely to occur. The emergency eyewash and shower features a heavy-duty, 10"-dia. showerhead that exceeds a drenching 20-gpm flow at 30 psi by pulling the stainless steel pull rod. Eye/face wash are activated by either a foot treadle or push flag near the bowl which has wide-pattern, soft-spray outlet heads providing over a 3-gpm flow. Water supply access is available from the ceiling (at top) or the wall (mid-height) with standard 1-1/4" NPT openings. Emergency eyewash and shower includes universal sign and inspection tag. Base of shower head is 86" from the floor. Only stainless steel bowl has foot treadle. Choose ABS plastic bowl, stainless steel bowl or without bowl. Each weighs 41 lbs. Meets ANSI Z358.1-2004 standards. SEI certified. USA made.

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Online Documents

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