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Weed Burner Torch -- 500,000 BTU

Item No: WB102
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Product Information

Turn your propane tank into a weed burner

  • Versatile flame tool that delivers 500,000 BTUs with no smoke or fumes
  • Liquid propane torch burns weeds on contact and keeps them down
  • Peels paint, thaws pipes and other nonflammables and melts ice

The weed burner is a handy, industrial-grade tool with countless practical uses. Its 33-1/2" torch has an adjustable valve that controls the gas supply. You can choose from a small, low-heat flame to an impressive 500,000-BTU, 2,050°F torch. The 10-ft neoprene hose gives you plenty of range without burning brush. The weed burner can reduce lush summer weeds down to ash in seconds! Includes P.O.L. fitting, 10-ft. hose, 33-1/2" torch with an adjustable valve and spark lighter. USA made.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 344

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