Highly reflective, Metal-backed SMV Emblem

Item No: SMV98
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Product Information

Highly reflective sign is ten times more reflective than old SMV emblem styles

Low cost way to alert traffic sooner, reducing accidents

  • Reflexite ® retroreflective border illuminates in headlights
  • Fluorescent orange center is visible in low-light conditions
  • Metal-backed emblem is visible up to 1200 feet
  • Meets strict ASAE S276.5 standards
  • USA made

Highly reflective SMV emblem's alert traffic sooner, allowing driver's more reaction time. The red, Reflexite ® retroreflective border on the SMV emblem illuminates in darkness when struck by oncoming headlights. SMV Technologies longer-life, fluorescent orange center is visible in low-light conditions. One metal-backed SMV emblem; visible up to 1200 feet. USA made.

NOTE: The state of Illinois now requires SMV emblems to meet the new ASAE S276.5 standard.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 624

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