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GEMPLER'S® Rust Converter One Quart

Item No: RCQ
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Rust converter chemically converts rust into an inert, black barrier on steel or iron surfaces

  • Two Easy Steps - No sandblasting, heavy scraping or grinding...needs the rust to work!
  • Prevents Future Rusting - Seals out moisture and other outside elements
  • Excellent Primer - Paint over with oil-based paint
  • Easy to Use - Simply brush or sponge
  • Easy Cleanup - Water-based formula

Stop further rusting of old tools, vehicles, wagons, implements...anything with a rusted steel or iron surface. All you need to do is to first wire brush the surface to remove loose or layered scale. Then apply GEMPLER'S® Rust Converter with a paint brush or sponge. Apply two coats for optimum coverage. Treated surface is primed and ready to paint with an oil-based paint in 48 hours or may even be left unpainted if not exposed to direct weather elements. One quart covers approximately 125 sq. ft. on a smooth, nonporous surface. Irregular, porous or textured surface may require more product. Environmentally safe, nonflammable. Easy-to-follow instructions on container. One quart.

NOTE: Do not allow Rust Converter to freeze. Nine month shelf life.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 508

Summary:Rust Converter is a synthetic polymeric formula that converts existing rust into a moisture-free, black protective coating. Not only does it eliminate existing rust, but it seals out moisture to prevent the possibility of future rust formation and corrosion. Watch this video for a Rust Converter demonstration where you’ll learn safety tips, how to apply your Rust Converter, and clean-up instructions.
  • MSDS - SDS for Rust Converter One Quart